Leadership and tomorrows microsystems

Paul Batalden, Emeritus Professor of The Dartmouth Institute, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus Professor of Community and Family Medicine. Among many areas that Dr Batalden has worked in are for example the systems for managing the improvement of health, value of health care for a panel of patients and the systems for assessing the degree […]

A leadership for strong innovation culture

Jolynn Suko will introduce to us an innovation center working very close with partners and its Healthcare system. In the same organization works very closely to each other the simulation lab, clinical research, informatics research and well educated innovation leaders. All collaborating with partners from the local and regional context. They have also seen a […]

A good life to all by kindness and boundarylessness

Steve Swenson, Former Director of Quality and Leadership development at Mayo Clinic, Senior Fellow at IHI, worked how to reduce burnout at Mayo clinic and found 12 components to reduce the risk. They saw that this required health care professionals and administrative leaders working together to create the ideal workplace – through nurturing positivity and […]